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The Journey to Now

An old dream, manifesting in slow action.

This place was born out of need, and a deep burning desire to make working space more accessible for artists based in Accra. This space is not just an events venue, or a marketplace, even though we host events, and we're creating access to market. This place is meant to lift us all as a creative community, to hold room for making, for thinking, for exploring deeply.

It's been five whole years since we officially started the (physical) journey of this project, and so it's most appropriate to start this section of the website off with a blog post acknowledging that.

It's easy to forget in the small movements of the day to day how far we've come, and even though we've still got a ways to go, we're so proud to be here!

It's been an incredibly challenging, incredibly rewarding journey - through personal struggles, a global pandemic, and now an economic downturn - but we've been blessed over and over by God, by the people and the community that bears us up.

We're so grateful to everyone for their generous support so far.

As evidenced by the current generation, it's said that pictures are worth a thousand words, so we'll drop a few and let them do the talking.

Thanks for sticking with us.

As always, we're pressing on to higher ground.


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