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November Highlights from Terra Alta


This month at Terra Alta, we're excited to support the presentation of the International Players' annual Pantomime.

This year's family-friendly show is a wonderfully cuckoo version of the Alice in Wonderland story originally written by Lewis Carroll and performed by a mixed-age/intergenerational cast.

The cast have been rehearsing for just under three months to bring this production to life. Expect great costumes, audience interaction, and lots of fun.

Show dates are 25th-27th November, please contact the organizers directly at 0506866196 (WhatsApp)/ 0269844624 (Calls) for tickets and more information.

We are happy to announce our founder Elisabeth Efua Sutherland was selected to participate in a one-year professional development program to help develop circus and outdoor arts projects/networks. An initial meeting in Paris kicked off additional activities that will be organized over the course of the year.

We are also happy to welcome the High Spirits Creative Arts Agency (pictured below) for a short residency in the space until December 2022.

Temporary Roof

Due to a generous gift, we are able to start work on a temporary roof for the space. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch at or call/WhatsApp +233245006185 . We can accept cash, cheque, and mobile money donations.

Save the Date

Our December flea market will take place on Saturday December 10th 2022. Artists please get in touch by Monday November 21st if you would like to lead a holiday themed workshop for attendees. Contact 0245006185 for details.

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