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Support our work in artist development, education, and performing arts research. 

Contact us at for a list of equipment, programs, or funds needed to make the space sustainable.

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Pledge Your Support

Please get in touch with us if you would like to support us in one of the thematic areas listed above. 

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Project Wishlist


Making art is expensive, and we appreciate all the help we can get!

Our biggest needs (at present):

- Roof-

The roof is designed to shelter the two wings of the space as well as the entire black box area, providing weatherproof shelter from the elements, protecting the existing structure, and allowing us to finally install our professional dance floor and get going on some exciting work planned for the completed space.


Our library space is semi-completed, but we are still in need of lockable bookshelves (to prevent people from "borrowing" the books permanently) as well as donations of excellent African literature, particularly Ghanaian drama and playscripts. We are however open to all genres once the writing is of good quality. This room is planned mostly as a reference library and médiathèque, so we are also accepting donations of storage drives and one/two computers in order to allow artists to reference our collection of audiovisual materials.


We often need to update our in-house gear, from big things like projectors, computers, spotlights and musical instruments/sound gear, to smaller things like cables, memory cards, crayons and paintbrushes - all depending on what's on at the moment and on the artist's needs. 

Please get in touch directly using the contact form, email us at, or get in touch at +233245006185 for details and information on how you can help. 

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